Glissando, Her Name Is Calla, 4 or 5 Magicians, Artefacts For Space Travel, Kutosis - GIITTV does gigs in Cardiff and London on the 9th of July.

Bill Cummings 11/06/2008

We've done the alldayer, we've done the single event, hell we've even done a BBQ with bands. Now GIITTV and partners does two gigs in one day, in two different cities. The 9th of July 2008 is GIITTV gig night.
With a double header of events in Cardiff's Ten feet tall and London's Good ship. Details below:

Doors: 7.30pm
Entry £5

Plus DJs, including Twisted by design's Gary after the gig playing a bevvy of indie tunes...

The last date in the Glissando/HNIC tour of the UK, miss it miss out!!


The basis of Glissando has always been built around Elly May Irving and Richard Knox. Last year Elly and Richard's long term relationship broke down and Glissando's future was thrown into huge doubt. There was a lot of soul-searching to be done around that time but some light was found as a support slot to the wonderful Stars of the Lid was offered at the beautiful Holy Trinity Church in Leeds. This moment was too good to pass and the show was probably the best of the band's career to date. A corner was turned and Glissando's future suddenly looked a damn sight brighter. Plans were made to go and record in Leicester with Tom Morris (Her Name is Calla) and this period of enlightenment turned out to be the album 'With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards the Burning Sea' released through gizeh records on the 23rd of June(featuring guests iLIKETRAiNS). With help from some beautiful friends, what once seemed destined for failure now has limitless ambitions.

"Some of the most poignant, haunting music we could ever wish to hear" Drownedinsound

"Elly May Irving has an unbelievably natural voice, but is diverse enough in her delivery to hint at both Kate Bush and Martha Wainwright in equal measures at times. The instrumentation is quite exceptionally perfect - at times the slight disonances are just enough to push you over the edge into some blissful but uneasy descent into madness - but the walls of bowed-guitar soundscapes are enough to keep you on your feet. Low meets Mogwai, only with fragments of Regina Spektor at her most restrained. Exceptional." Rockfood


Her Name Is Calla have been relentlessly touring the country with iLiKETRAiNS and The Twilight Sad and have been gaining scores of fans with their evocative, part ethereal, part ear shredding music. The excellent new mini-album 'The Heritage' is Her Name Is Calla's second release for Gizeh records and features various members of The Monroe Transfer on track 'New England'.

"…their sound builds and builds until it reaches an intensity which is almost too much to bear... and manage to pack in more raw emotion than many bands manage in a lifetime." - God Is In The TV

"why can't all artists be as ambitiously prophetic as this?" - Drowned In Sound

"mesmerising and haunting" - Tasty Fanzine


Kutosis are a young, angular, awkward band with a big noise and a lot to say for themselves. Raised in the murky depths of Cardiff, their frenetic gigs, intelligent lyrics and huge choruses helped them quickly build up a following. While some might spot the influence of local boys, Manic Street Preachers, in their lyrical concerns (American cultural imperialism, Venezuela, 21st century consumerism), their sound owes more to early Buzzcocks, The Clash and unjustly overlooked 80s left wing trailblazers (and faves of Nicky Wire), McCarthy.

"A spiky, snotty mess of Clash/Jam noise with a pitch-perfect Strummer sneer" - Jess Trash gig review

"A ragged cut-and-shut between the garage rock ramalama of the Von Bondies and snotty curled-lip punk of early Buzzcocks" - Radio 1's Bethan & Huw

We're also co promoting an event in London on the same night! The good folks at

have put together a ace line up, at London's Good ship check it out:

4 OR 5 MAGICIANS- "Really, really exciting" + "SOOOO SOOOO GOOD!" + "brilliant" + various other superlatives - Huw Stephens, Radio 1

ARTEFACTS FOR SPACE TRAVEL- "a futuristic dystopia of panic stricken pop, contains all the sinister and occult vibrations that a Naked Lunch reader could ever wish to consume." Artrocker -

THEO- A stunning guitarist, looping each intricate motif over each other forming complex sounds. Then slinging his guitar on to his back, he plays tight drums over the top. -
+ live visuals all night

£4 - £2 advanced or with flyer. Doors 8pm.
£2 advanced tickets now available at