End Of The New - Demo

Carrie Goddard 18/04/2005

Rating: 3/5

Art-school four piece, End of the New, have a solid start to this 5 track demo. Both style and tempo change rapidly in the first minute of "Polystyrene Aeroplanes." I am at first unsure of where this song will lead, it's upbeat and intriguing from the word go. This is unfortunately followed by an unexpectedly fragile monotone lead vocal, which doesn't seem suit the style of music. It is only later in this track the lead vocalist warms-up, relaxes and starts enjoying himself, which brings the song together. Although the female vocals seem an unnecessary part of the song it takes it through to the end.

"Twenty Two" has another great intro with its gritty sexy guitars throughout
this track which would probably pack more punch had a minute been cut from the middle. "Vices" works well with minimal lyrics it gradually builds up, before an all too sudden end. "Popular Art" starts off well with a steady melodic pattern and before the boredom kicks in, heavy guitars rip it up, and the song continues to chop and change between sweet gentleness and dark dirty noise. Ending the demo with The Church Song was by far EOTN's best move, it's certainly the most impressive song in the demo. Unlike previous tracks, it's constant, to the point and no messing about. Although the song would be strengthened by losing the backing vocals. It's up-tempo from pretty much the word go,and dives straight into action, leaving you gagging for the climax that doesn't disappoint.