Andreya Triana - A Town Called Obsolete

Tiffany Daniels 25/08/2010

Rating: 1/5

Andreya Triana has committed one of the cardinal sins of the industry: the font on her new single 'A Town Called Obsolete' is illegible. If it weren't for the typed press sheet that has come alongside it, I couldn't tell you how to spell her name. This single is going to sit and remain on the shelves of HMV, not because it's particularly dire, but because no punter can read the front cover!

Having said that, the song itself is in poor shape also. Set to a stilted background, Triana's insufferable 'jazz' vocals are frequently monotonous, despite her best attempts to sound adaptable and technically perfect. My customary Sunday hangover may be playing its part in this review, but even so, no one can claim the repetitive chorus is the enlightening and philosophical experience the before mentioned press sheet claims it to be.

The light shines a little brighter on the Mount Kimbie remix, which accompanies the original, radio edit and acoustic version of the (same) song (over and over again). The justifiably hyped duo ramp up a gear with the subtle addition of hand claps, and a hollow twist on Triana's vocal that works surprisingly well; unfortunately, and despite their best intentions, it still fails to mask the 'dimly-lit back room' element that plagues the record. This is just another Amy Winehouse reaction.

Release Date: Out Now