Supergrass - Low C

Bill Cummings 24/10/2005

Rating: 3/5

Supergrass release another single from their hugely understated, under-rated and well-crafted recent album “Road to Rouen.” “Low C” is a stately piano backed strum, its gentle melody uncoiling into a neat harmony and a melodic chorus, Gaz Coombes vocals arc in a pleasing Lennon-esque way. This could have been an off cut from the Beatles during their White Album era. This single has a weary, heavy heart in the verses (“Things we used to have/Faded all too fast/Like a castle in the sand/But things ain't meant to last”). Gone are the days when Supergrass were the chirpy chappys of British indie pop, only in the chorus do the wooping harmonies briefly tip a hat to the Supergrass of old: before settling back into the song's essentially deceptive swing. This single won't put Supergrass back into the big league, but really who cares? Listening to this is like sitting by a warm roaring log fire in your slippers and taking a sip of warm cocoa. ”Low C” is deceptively beguiling and beautiful and surely that matters more than chart placings.