The Noisettes - Don't Give Up

Owen Stallings 13/11/2006

Rating: 3/5

The Noisettes are getting great press at the moment. And no wonder. When you've a sound that's basically the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you can't really fail, can you. Can you? Well, you can if the Yeah Yeah Yeahs actually get there before you, and they did so with the castrated Show Your Bones.

So, where does that leave The Noisettes? Sure, young loins will be moistened at the obvious sound and energy displayed the by the lead singer, Shingai, who does indeed have an incredibly powerful voice. For some tomorrow will always be Year Zero, and my ramblings won't mean a toss. However, musically they plough the usual punk furrow, pushing all the right buttons but in an entirely mechanical, bland and painfully uninteresting way. Shingai's voice successfully manages to mask this defect, but one listen to Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Fever To Tell will show up the Noisettes' inadequacies.

Seriously, I would take bets on the length of time it takes for Miss Shingai to ditch her fellow pseudo-punksters, making away on the promise of heaps of readies and fame beyond her wildest dreams. Remember Skin, anyone? When she does, you can be sure as I am that we all have a hole in our arse that she won't be producing uninspiring dross like this. She'll be inflicting MOR dross on us instead. Trust me, you heard it here first.

Release date: 20/11/06