Laurel Collective - International Love Affair

Miss Fliss 22/09/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Hailing from an album entitled, Feel Good Hits of a Nuclear Winter, this single delivers the goods. International Love Affair is a busy hive of propulsive pop performed with all the giddy fun of exuberant youth. It rushes the dismal Autumnal blues away in the flick of a switch. This isn't your standard indie - beepy synth leads the way, and I hear bongos at one point, in a chaotic flurry of songmanship, with a healthy mish mashing of sequence (no standard verse-chorus-verse-chours here). Cymbals crash and shimmy, bass guitars groove, and then we're literally swept off our feet with the whooshing sensation of an addictive chorus, big enough to fill club night floors and lift feet off the ground. A great high. The b-side is a crazy slice of jumpy jerky beats which suddenly gives way to crazy blokey rapping and mentions of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It all adds up to a collective who pogo in the face of mediocrity.

Release date September 22nd, 2008.

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