Delphic - Counterpoint

Miss Fliss 05/05/2009

Rating: 4/5

This is a zippy number. Counterpoint swooshes in like an electronic tonic, carrying on the breeze of a summer's day. Bips and beeps and cascading dance melody soar away in an optimistic and seductive fashion, with a sound that is fresh, crisp and delicious. This single arrived in anonymous style, minus a press release, and in an unlabelled sleeve, as striking and sharp as those early New Order releases. Ah, New Order, they were bound to crop up, since Delphic too are from Manchester and this sonic spree gives a nod of thanks and worship to the dance pioneers. Something that is surprising is that Delphic's members stem from the defunct Snowfight in the City Centre. I'd forgotten all about that startling indie outfit - I saw them live when they were in action and their double drummer force, emotive guitar chimes, and heartfelt vocals full of conviction all wrapped up in a silken sheen made for gorgeous listening. You might remember the beautiful guitar glint and drum bluster of the single, Listen. Delphic offer a dramatic shift in sonics, being a brighter, disco dancing sounding prospect. It's sharp and neat, and cut with crystal clear melody. As good as New Order? Well, it certainly provides a counterpoint…

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