Ejectorseat - What Do They Care?

Tim Miller 27/03/2007

Rating: 2/5

Ejectorseat, who describe their own sound as an indie band trapped inside a Nintendo (I'll be the judge of that), might ring a bell from last year's single Attack! Attack! Attack!, which made a big splash in the iTunes alternative chart top ten. This, their second single, has been a while in the pipeline then…

…and it seems to have been spent honing a carefully constructed sound that's a far cry from a debut single with the word Attack! repeated threateningly. 'What Do They Care?' kicks off with a pulsing bass drum and some slightly lightweight guitar, before that all-too-familiar indie disco beat crashes in paralleled with dashes of squidgy electro sounds bouncing up and down their octaves. The verses feature a plugging bass and twinkling synths but, despite the lyrics - ”What do they care if we're feeling low/for God's sake please just let us go” - the chorus is catchy enough, with the guitar hook fitting snugly alongside a vocal melody that approaches anthemic.

The trouble with that is that What Do They Care? would fit snugly itself slap bang in the middle of an Automatic album. Ejectorseat seem to be hanging onto the tailcoat of the electro-influenced indie movement that saw Kasier Chiefs et al to the peak of a wave, but are now drawing them back down again. If Ejectorseat are to escape their Nintendo confinements, they'll need to mature a little more first.

Released 2nd April 2007