Akira - You're Wasting Your Youth: Part One of Two

Bill Cummings 04/12/2005

Rating: 4/5

London based post rock/apocalypse three piece Akira release their new EP “You're Wasting Your Youth: Part One of Two” following on from the promising demo, we received a few months ago.

The central track here is called “ I think of you as miss universe.” Glitchy slabs of industrial distortion crash down all around this dark tune that splutters along like a clapped out tank across the dusty wastelands of a cracked distopia. When all the dust settles this song collapses down into echoed fragments of guitar, and deep broken vocals. Again comparisons are fruitless but this song buzzes with delicious emotive majesty a bit like God Speed you Black Emporer being bashed to pieces by big rusty hammers in a Mad Max film.

The second track is a remix of a previous effort called “Soho” its ethereal sounds buzz around your head: dingy orchestral soundscapes and clicking beats, whilst the paranoid vocals are inhabited by the ghosts of the Nine inch nails and Sonic Youth. Caustic yet enjoyable.