Mark Ronson Ft. Lily Allen - Oh My God

Tim Miller 30/07/2007

Rating: 4/5

The undeniable solo success story of 2007, writer/producer Mark Ronson's debut album Version - with a little help from a few friends - won over an audience all too ready to lap up his sassy '60s throwback interpretations of old and new favourites, finished with a slick modern polish. As such, almost every track on the album is a potential single, but Ronson sticks with two artists currently high in the public eye with his newest release, employing Lily Allen to provide vocals on a cover of Kaiser Chiefs' Oh My God.

This third single is a far more laid-back take on that indie monster, with casual, funky drums and squeals of brass, Lily Allen on top form once again as the nonchalant and sultry compére. With a new and original twist, Ronson's Midas touch gives the already-plundered Chiefs' single a gorgeous facelift and it becomes a whole new song. The video, incidentally, makes Allen the most fanciable cartoon lady since the Little Mermaid; a cameo from a goggling Kaiser Chiefs sees to that.

A must for barbeque playlists, Oh My God is a cool cocktail of chilled beats and sexy jazz. A man for all seasons, no doubt, the unstoppable Mark Ronson's third release is a summer classic, from one of the albums of the year.

Released 16th July 2007