Funeral For A Friend

Ross Cunningham 25/03/2009

Funeral for a Friend returned to Glasgow with a storming set comprising of fan favourites mixed with a selection of tracks from their latest album, "Memory and Humanity". Starting the show with second album opener, "All the Rage", the band powered through 15 songs which had the crowd jumping for the entire set. Due to the QMU's unfortunate 10pm curfew, we were denied the chance to hear early EP tracks "The Art of American Football" and "This Year's Most Open Heartbreak", which were played two nights earlier on the opening date of the tour, but if the crowd were disappointed at this, they certainly didn't show it.

The QMU is an ideal venue for a band such as Funeral for a Friend, it's very easy to get close to the front and get a good view of the band in action. The band played 4 songs off the latest album, current single "Rules and Games", "To Die Like Mouchette", "Constant Illuminations" and "Ghosts", and they all received a warm reception from the crowd, perhaps showing that most of the fans had familiarised themselves with the new album since the tour in October last year. The best reception however, was reserved for the tracks off debut album "Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation", with the crowd singing along to every word. The band themselves, were extremely tight as always, and after 7 years in the business, they know how to satisfy their audience, and it's a guarantee that they will never disappoint in a live setting.

Perhaps the best sing-along off the night was reserved for the only track played off the third album, "Into Oblivion", before the band delivered a beautiful version of History. After finishing the main set with a rousing rendition of "Roses for the Dead", the band returned for the encore to play Streetcar. A minor technical hitch when the dialling tone at the start of the track continued well into the song did not deter the band, and once this was fixed, they stormed through the song before finishing with usual closer "Escape Artists Never Die". The QMU's curfew meant that we had to miss out on excellent new track Maybe I Am, which was on the setlist but unfortunately not played due to a lack of time. The audience went away extremely sweaty and covered in beer, but you can guarantee that most of these fans will return next time "Funeral for a Friend" are in Scotland.

Full Set

All the Rage
She Drove Me to Daytime TV
Rules and Games
Rookie of the Year
The End of Nothing
To Die Like Mouchette
Red Is the New Black
Into Oblivion (Reunion)
Constant Illuminations
Roses for the Dead
Escape Artists Never Die