An Inconvenient Truth

Kirsten Banks 26/09/2006

Rating: 4/5

For anyone who cares about the world within which they live "An Inconvenient Truth" should be seen, and for anyone who doesn't care about the world in which they live this documentary must be seen, let me just emphasise that again, must be seen. Despite the occasional ridiculous moment ( eg. snails will take over the world as a result of global warming), the content of this documentary is articulated with passion, urgency and honesty.

For anyone who is a little dubious about paying the price of admission to go and watch what is ultimately a one and a half hour lecture by a fifty-something year old man should think again. Despite taking the form of a lecture, "An Inconvenient Truth" holds the attention of the audience not only through its compelling content but through the interspersed scenes of matters more personal to Al Gore. Without crossing the border from necessity into egotism, these scenes serve as a reminder (as if we need one) as to what America, and unfortunately by extension, the world has missed out on by electing a pretzel-guzzling ape as their President.

By the end of the film rather than being overcome with feelings of helplessness and despair towards the undoubted results of global warming, a belief that global warming can be overcome remains long after leaving the cinema. It is just a shame that there were more people walking out of the screen showing the latest saccharine drenched rom- com with the unjustifiably large budget than this very incredible, yet unfortunately, inconvenient truth.