Decora - Sticks And Stone Cutters

Charlie Southwell 01/03/2007

Rating: 4/5

Decora are a four piece band that have been working hard for a good many years. From rural Wiltshire they spur forth a mature pop sensibility in their debut single. Despite being fully financed and organised by themselves by jobs in between being on the road, they have produced an amazingly single that stands shoulder to shoulder with radio station play-lists.

'Stick and Stone Cutters' is their debut official single and is released on the 1st March, followed by a tour to promote the single. Sadly it's another case of purely download distribution. Although their DIY work ethic should be hugely appealing to labels, if that's the route they choose to go down. They'll be a band that worth watching out for because they have the image, attitude and the songs to go far with, which will do them justice.

A fairly relaxed single in terms of their older material, it's infectious in a subtle way. Strong vocal melodies run through the song, pulsing along with the well thought out drum lines that are the heart of the song. Though not particularly catchy on first listen 'Stick and Stone Cutters' is the kind of song that will run through your head days later, and will have you searching through your music to find it to get it out again. A fantastic use of guitar effects, create a heavy ambience in the middle eight which contrasts to the combo of slick choruses and chugging verses. B-Side “Animation Box” is a heavier riffed up affair, a more intense song but less radio friendly. This in itself shows that Decora know what they are doing in terms of looking for wider acknowledgement.