Working for a Nuclear Free City - Rocket EP

Paul Cook 09/03/2007

Rating: 4/5

It's not often every track on an EP impresses, but 'Rocket', the four track follow-up to Working For A Nuclear Free City's debut album manages to gently stroll through timeless, captivating and wondrous harmonies with ease and elegance.

Provocative and enrapturing chorus-lines are crafted with precise instrumentals and serene vocals. 'Rocket' and 'Heaven Kissing Hill' demonstrate the band's indie roots and influences, a fusion of percussion and strings merging with electro-indie-pop. Whilst more impressively 'Waiting Game' delivers an atmospheric and encompassing mood of slow, soulful jazz. Truly easy-listening at it's best. 'Stone Cold' showcases the more experimental side of the band's talents and rolls steadily into a melancholic, Beatles-esque chorus.

Working For a Nuclear Free City subtly craft an eclectic and stimulating collection of tracks. Speaking volumes for this band is the fact you won't want this EP to end, and when it does you will almost certainly listen to it all over again.

Released: 9/03/2007