Hadouken! - Liquid Lives

Stas Werno 29/06/2007

Rating: 4/5

The hype behind first single "That Boy That Girl" was astounding, the track blowing up the underground world to an extraordinary extent whilst simultaneously splitting its opinions in half. Follow up "Liquid Lives" has a lot to live up to, and it just about reaches the mark. Naturally the initial novelty of the grindie-rave group has slightly worn off, and the impact of the new single is of course never going to compare to the first, but with the ballyhoo aside, this is a great track.

If "That Boy That Girl" was Hadouken!'s nu-rave anthem, this is the single that lends more towards singer/MC James' DnB and grime roots. Opening with a synth riff reminiscent of hundreds of 90's drum and bass records, it's not long before those heavy Hadouken! beats and James' recognisable voice kick in making the record their own. With lyrics like "Drink / Smoke / Fuck / Fight" it can come across as shallow, but Hadouken! aren't here to instruct us on the decline of city life, for that you best turn to Bloc Party's latest effort. Rather, they are here to make music to go mad to on the dance floor. Check out the video for something just as frantic.