Trailblazer - Demo

Liam McGrady 00/00/0000

Rating: 3/5

I've got to admit that I was seriously worried when I read the Bio for this band, stating that, “influences include The Sex Pistols, The Beatles and Oasis”. I thought it was going to be all turgid guitar anthems with sneering vocals. Luckily it isn't.

Remember when Ash were naïve teenagers, writing summery guitar pop about, well, girls? Wish they were still at instead of going all “American Rock”? Well forget about them, Trailblazer are more than able to fill that gap in your musical diet.

'Revelation' is an absolute belter of a tune. Fizzy guitar lines carve out a Fab Four-esque melody, so catchy you'll be doing that mop-top shaky head thing within seconds, and features some fantastically simple lyrics, “I ain't got time to wait for the future, 'cos you and me could have it all/And if you try to tell me more, you'll just be talking to the wall.” The only thing lacking is a sing-along chorus.

If 'This Is For The Masses' is a sly dig at The Others, then I suppose it could be seen as a risky move, but if it is, good on you Trailblazer, it's about time someone countered Dominic Master's awful rant about “the poor”. The song itself is a real clap along, Brit-Pop influenced stomp, with a vague similarity to The Bluetones (who, although some fools may disagree, were a great band).
While listening to this demo, I've not been able to stop tapping my toes and just generally jigging about, and final track 'Walkin' Away' doesn't halt my strange chair based antics. Again, a strong sense of dynamics is evident, with effective pauses and well placed, wailing guitar breaks; and like all the best pop songs it's exactly 3 minutes long and about a girl.