Brigade - Sink, Sink, Swim/Stunning

Patrick Glen 28/07/2008

Rating: 3/5

Q magazine reckon this band sound like the Foo Fighters mixed with My Bloody Valentine. I refute that statement, beyond Brigade guitarist's overuse of down strokes on his guitar in the way Kevin Shields is a proponent. Fans of My Bloody Valentine would be let down if they investigated this band on the basis of this comparison. Foo Fighters,
Feeder and My Vitriol are in my opinion the lineage of this hotly tipped act (well, hotly tipped according to their press releases).

Brigade aren't particularly impressive and by no means anything new, but are hardly that much of an annoyance. Remembering that originality or flair (or lack of) is not related to a band's appeal or success helps me understand why these guys seem to be doing so well.

'Sink, Sink, Swim' is very Foo Fighters and Feeder-like. Solid big distorted songs and a catchy chorus. He 'can't live like everyone' our troubled little man intones, in a young voiced on this radio ready tune. It's like Feeder doing the Foo Fighters hit 'Everlong.' This single could get quite big, with a little acoustic guitar bit to announce a sweeping chorus(excuse the cliché). Sing alongs ensue in moderately sized venues in a town near you plus a support slot for some big touring act, I think. Not too bad.

'Stunning' is not as good. It apes Feeder to the extent that I
fooled a housemate into thinking it was Feeder. Delay guitar interlude is quintessential in the type of music that was highly visible in the indie world in the late nineties and early part of the millennium until bands like the Strokes stole their hype. If you liked Kinesis you might like this.

This single is not at all bad, but pretty uninspiring. I would not
write them off getting a larger audience for their music and by all means they might even deserve it. I have friends who would love it and I will give this single to them. Because on the basis of these songs, I will approach Brigade with moderate indifference.

Release date: 4th August 2008