Black Gold - Idols

Nick Lewis 11/01/2010

Rating: 2.5/5

The job of a music reviewer can be a difficult one. Something about this band makes me want to say nice things about them; but I'm not sure why. The first note I wrote on this song was “Bored from the start. Not a great singer. Pretty boring lyrics.”

It's safe to say those aren't the sort of notes Black Gold were hoping for. To be fair, Idols could be a lot worse. What it isn't is rubbish. What it is, is a bit mediocre. The lyrics have too many obvious rhymes (way / say, fear / hear etc.) and the bulk of it is M.O.R American rock. There are flashes of inspiration though and the extra melodic development in the mid-8 reminds me of The Beatles; in the same way that a biscuit can look like the Virgin Mary if you squint and believe enough, but it still does and it saves the track from being quite as boring as it could've been.

Idols is the sort of song that will come on the radio and make you say “hey, this is OK isn't it?” to whoever you're in the car with. And whoever you're in the car with will say “yeah, it's OK isn't it?” Then you'll probably start talking about something else and forget all about it.

But you know what? I like those moments in life. There, I said something nice.