Jape - Ritual

Alex Skinner 02/07/2008

Rating: 4/5

Ladies and gentlemen, clear a path for Jape (Richie Egan) who is a breath of Irish fresh air.

Ritual you say, what's the big idea? Catchy, chilled, mellow, melodic, satisfying, rambunctious and dreamy. Yes, yes, yes and a whole host of other significant descriptive words. Upon listening intently to the eclectic musical array you notice unusual lyrics inspired by a plethora of vivacious ideas allowing a glance at an exciting place where creativity grows. The second track highlights this thought as 'I was a man' has tasty stand out electro rock sensibilities that stand up to be counted early on.

Wait a second I don't understand it? Some may cry. If this is the case stick to your simple la de da da music as Jape has a cutting edge. There's an essence of minimal dark humorous wit in the Jape package. The vibes of 'Graveyard' meshes greatly whilst jostling with estranged poetry. See for yourselves with the video able to be viewed on Myspace/richiejape where low-fi graveyard hyjinx are part-taken. Whilst 'Apple In An Orchard' provides smooth dance pop sensibilities there are no mediocre tracks on the album. Ritual departs with the atmospheric 'Nothing lasts forever' that tickles you pink.

Ritual seems to shape shift on every rotation where the atypical lyrics take form. The album whisks you away into a surreal place whereby midgets play polo on unicorns and Beck plays chess with Of Montreal. My point being albums like this are a rare treat and have bloomin' loads of potential to be big time. Have a listen as Jape is fully loaded, ready and waiting for you.