Yeti Lane, Frightened Rabbit, Gil Scott-Heron, Girls, Alphabeat - Singles Round-Up 22/02/2010

Simon Jay Catling 23/02/2010

Let's cut to the chase on this second, most momentous, of GIITTV singles round-ups shall we? I'm starting out with Wolfmother, and the thought that this could be as good as it gets this week fills me with the sort of indescribable dread normally reserved for running out of toilet roll in a public toilet, or walking in the same direction as someone you just said goodbye to. It won't come to pass thankfully, but where exactly do these people exist, who are happy to rock along to the Australian rockers, in firm denial that around 35-40 years of rock history haven't taken place? It's strange I tells ya; if you're one of these folk though, 'White Feather' (Island) will be the song for you. Fans of 'Sound' meanwhile- and by that I mean, BBC's annual Sound list (good job really, I don't know whether my ears would be able to hear ANYTHING if the beeb didn't point them in the right direction)- will be thrilled to know that this year's longlisters Two Door Cinema Club have the pleasant but uninspiring 'Undercover Martyn' (Kitsune) out. Why would you want to know about the also-rans of the BBC listathon though? Not when you can have the primo, numero uno, undisputed, top of the pile, ulti- ok, you get point. Yes, ELLIE GOULDING is here with her debut single 'Starry-Eyed' (Polydor), I believe the queue for the backlash is currently one-in-one-out; harsh maybe, but would you trust anyone whose worked with Frankmusik? I know I wouldn't.

Casting our eyes towards Scandinavia, we're met with the muted surprise that the Kissaway Trail are still going, 'SDP' (Bella Union) once again makes it tricky to distinguish between them and the Shout Out Louds, but rattles along in a typically rousing Scandinavian indie-pop type way nonetheless. Also rattling along imperiously are Girls (according to HMV anyway, I can't seem to find this anywhere else) with 'Morning Light' (Fantasy Trashcan), which doth make me declare a NU-GAZE-OFF: which do you prefer readers? 'Morning Light' or last year's 'Morning Light' by Gliss? It's a tough and ultimately worthless call. Away from all this gazing, we have Gil Scott-Heron's gloriously sinister return; 'Me And The Devil' is downright creepy, DJ Shadow-esque beats and tense orchestral strains underpinning Scott-Heron's rich vocals. Oof I'm feeling a chill, thank goodness then that Alphabeat are here to douse that, or indeed any other sensual feeling, out with the spectacularly dull electro-pop of 'Hole In My Heart' (Polydor). I preferred Aqua meself; but then what do I know? Whilst writing this I'm eating a packet of Sainsbury's basics ham with my bare hands…the mark of an idiot surely.

But if I am an idiot (and I'm fairly sure I am), then at least I'm a happy one- that's thanks to Yeti Lane, whose 'First-Rate Pretender'(Sonic Cathedral) is a lovely, stomping wash of sound that isn't afraid to show its fragile underbelly. Aww. In fact, it might just be single of the week; who's going to stop it? Leona Lewis ('I Got You', Sony)? She can't even use grammar proper! Frightened Rabbit ('Nothing Like You', Fatcat)? Oh wait, their impassioned Scottish lilting does come quite close to be fair; there's still the nagging feeling though that the five-piece could easily flip into Snow Patrol-mode should wider success come a-knocking. It's a feeling of unease I can't shake to be honest with you, so Yeti Lane it is! Congratulations, have a kinder egg. Until next week good readers!

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