The Zumes, Dial F For Frankenstein, Mad Staring Eyes, Forms Forms Forms - Under The Oak Festival:Preview

Liam McGrady 29/08/2008

How much did you pay to get wet at Field Day? And how much of your hard earned cash have you given to “the man” over the years at festivals, be it on burgers or booze? The answer to both is probably: too much. While the hope was that one day festivals would be a cheaper and less gruelling alternative to the Glastonburys and Readings, things haven't really panned out that way. Blame global warming and the credit crunch if you want, but there are still some alternatives if you know where to look. Over in Oxford, they do tend to do things a little differently and following the example of the now successful Truck Festival, come Saturday 30th of August, Under The Oak festival will take place. Now plenty of people don't go to festivals for the bands. Sounds stupid, but it really is true, I've seen these people; we've all seen these people. So when I tell you that Under The Oak plays host to The Zumes and Dial F For Frankenstein amongst other bands you haven't heard of, put yourself in the mindset of the 'not bothered about the music' festival goer. And then rejoice in the fact that you'll be paying 12 to spend a day and night in the lovely Cherwell Valley; not a bit of wasteland in Reading.

Yep, you read that right, 12 for two stages of bands, beer and cider stalls at low prices, and free camping and car parking. Who knows, Forms Forms Forms or Mad Staring Eyes might turn out to be the best bands you've ever seen, but even if they're not, for the price of two double vodkas at a regular festival, Under The Oak really are giving you your money's worth.

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