And What Will Be Left Of Them? - Wet Week In July

Alex Worsnip 01/08/2006

Rating: 4/5

Just in time for August rolls in this single and despite its calendar-challenged nature/meteorological inaccuracies (I didn't see much rain this July, let alone a whole week of it) it's a belter. Pitching somewhere between bouncy indie-power-pop and...bouncy indie-power-pop, 'Wet Week In July' is an energetic romp carried along on one minute fey, next minute aggressive indie-grrl vocals: 'if you wanna fight, honey we can fight". The cadences in the chorus build up its flow perfectly, and it harks back to the kind of 80s/early 90s sound captured on, for example, the Rough Trade indie pop compilation, and matches it note for note. The live B-sides aren't particularly special, but at a very reasonable price indeed (FREE), it's well worth downloading for whatever purpose you might well choose. Yeah.