The Postmarks - The Postmarks

Owain Paciuszko 05/06/2008

Rating: 4/5

South Floridians The Postmarks have no shame in being influenced by the summery shimmer of Brian Wilson's production technique, but fortunately they've got the chops to at least bring their own invention to the table. Opener 'Goodbye' is a delightfully shiny twinkly pop tune that craftily marries quite bittersweet lyrics to a buoyant tune, the defiant march of somebody walking out on a bad relationship.

The same cutesy-sombre sound bleeds through the album, lead singer Tim Yehezkely has a strange kind of processed sounding voice - or perhaps its just been a touch over-produced - but she manages to convey both a sense of passion and distance in a kind of twee-robot way. It contrasts nicely with the rich instrumentation on display here; impressively arranged by the band's remaining members - Jon Wilkins and Christopher Moll.

Despite the obvious 'Beach Boys' influence and sunshine coast upbringing there's something pleasingly rain-soaked about the tunes here, as if staring out the window at the coast as the storm clouds spit down on your holiday plans. This is a refreshing touch in a time when too many bands are striving, struggling and failing to capture that sun-kissed sixties sound. This is not a great album, it suffers from being a touch too slumberous, but it's a dreamy, lucid record that stands out amongst the rather lazy pop that swamps the airwaves in the late-spring / early-summer.