Kathryn Williams - Hollow

Emily Tartanella 25/09/2006

Rating: 2/5

Let's be honest, back away from the NPR, and admit that Norah Jones represents everything wrong with music today - too mellow, too sweet, and absolutely no one is offended by it. And, of course, the fact that every song sounds exactly the same. That being said, when Kathryn Williams is described as Norah Jones-esque, it doesn't make her a cesspool of music creativity. It just means she's a bit dull, is all.

“Hollow” and “Everyday Still Life” could be one long track, except one's a bit slower than the other, and her emotional range varies from “sedate” to “slightly sad.” Williams may have been compared to Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro, but her sound comes off as all too modern - it's not a terribly bad thing, and it makes excellent background music for doing something really important, but that's not exactly a stirring recommendation.