Captain Dangerous - The Terrorist

Miss Fliss 02/06/2009

Rating: 1/5

Why am I not surprised that this sounds as 'dangerous' as Jarvis Cocker in a boxing ring? This is indie that might satisfy those that hanker for Hefner, inasmuch as the vocals rattle with the same ramshackle talk-sing lonely indie boy sensitivity and yearning. And there's the striving for hitting bonafide musical vocal notes. This is fey indie combined with lo-fi guitar, the zap-pow of 90s synths, and in the B-side's case, acoustic guitar pleasantry and lilting banjo.

The inkling of smirk-worthy tunes and whimsical fun are there, it's all just bordering on the chaotic, and does not gel especially well. And I can't take that voice.

I'm biting my lip when I read the bit in the press release about the band playing 33 metres below street level in an old bunker in the Czech Republic (I'm not saying it's the best place for them). But if you miss that 90s lo-fi/synth/noisy/can't-really-play singing and indie pop reminiscent of Hefner and Helen Love, give the non-dangerous captains a go, you might be won over even if I am decidedly not.

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