The Hungry I - The Car EP

John Widdop 00/00/0000

Rating: 2/5

Five chunky concrete slabs of Scotland-via-Southampton pretentio-hop full of good intentions but ultimately lacking in the repeated listens department. The Hungry I is the work of one Jon Stolber, a withdrawn chap who's listened to too much downbeat Ninja Tune mp3s on Saturday nights and butchered the morning after into this disjointed and predominantly unlistenable shipwreck. Until "Happy Too", which pulls a screaming child from the wreckage, and whirlwinds through torrents of angst and picks up the pace, concluding like caverns of disembodied ghosts. All very spooky, but you can't help but hope for a bit of Vitalic good-time synth stupidity now and then to break up the sub-Fog meanderings. A promoters dream - all wikka-wikka Josh-Davies-With-Strings-wahey and check it out, Magic Numbers strumalongs too, The Car EP is essentially a bunch of great ideas amalgamating to significantly less than the sum of it's parts.