The Hungry I - beginning is the end

Helen Newbery 20/05/2008

Rating: 3/5

The brains behind The Hungry i is one Jon Stolber, although he is joined for the recording of current single 'beginning is the end' by several collaborators. It begins with an almost soporifically gentle guitar, its lilting and mournful strings soothing the ear as the soundscapes swirl around you. Beneath it all is an almost militaristic drumbeat which leads to a slight feeling of menace. It's a gorgeous, woozy slice of electronica, reminiscent of Oceansize or 65daysofstatic. Perhaps the latter comparison is not that surprising, given that Stolber has toured with them in the past. Ultimately, however, although he feels like someone with an exciting range of ideas, this particular track rather frustratingly doesn't really go anywhere and fails to draw in the listener.