Enter Shikari - Mothership

Mike Mantin 09/09/2006

Rating: 2/5

Of all the unexpected genre splicings, hardcore meeting europop is perhaps one of the strangest. But that's the sound that Hertfordshire's Enter Shikari trade in, to the delight of a huge amount of people (for an until-very-recently unsigned band). Download-only single 'Mothership' opens with the kind of trance riff you'd expect to go down a storm at Manumission but, as nice as it is to see this usually deadly-serious genre done with a pinch of irony, there's little here to hold up the gimmick. Though the standard furious guitars go surprisingly well with the cheesy electronics, this fast-rising band still have a long way to go songwritng-wise. Beneath the bleeps, there's little to distinguish them from the rest of the studded belt brigade, and the dire, meaningless lyrics don't help either. The impressive musicianship combined with the sight of a glow-stick-assisted moshpit will no doubt make this song great fun live, but on record, this admittedly fascinating gimmick is the only thing that separates them from the hundreds of shouty bands doing the same thing.

Available as a download-only single