World Before Wireless - Transistor:Resistor EP

Miss Fliss 22/10/2009

Rating: 4/5

I was blown away by the force of the guitars on this EP. It's dominated by a great deal of post-rock bluster, but London-based World Before Wireless also have their more subdued and chiming indie moments. It's a healthy mix, and the self-production (by the band's guitarist/vocalist Aaron Connolly) lends it a very professional air.

Across five tracks, it's second song Hole that's the clear leader with its phenomenal power and thunderstorm ruffs. These aren't your atypical stop-/start, loud/quiet Mogwai-like post-rock, which is refreshing. Things Left Unsaid shows a tender side to WBW, with bassist Emma Harrison's intimate but strong vocals recalling When Do We Start Fighting… era Seafood. It's also a change to hear a current London resident band not doing that Lily Allen voice/accent, instead singing with pleasance and ease.

Closer Distant Signal has the most prominent pop-rock hooks and sticks in the mind most with its whirling squall of nagging, melodic guitars. This self-released debut EP shows some strong promise for the band's future indeed. And I reckon WBW would do a storming live set, so I shall be making sure I catch them soon.

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