Joe Matson - DTA

Emily Tartanella 26/11/2006

Rating: 1/5

Somehow indie lightweight Joe Matson keeps getting lumped in with the 'trip-hop' crowd, which is decidedly strange as trip-hop is generally at least mildly fun. Sure, there's something that sounds eerily like calypso here, but that's about as far as Matson goes in terms of shaking things up and going wild. 'DTA' has minimal lyrics, minimal beats, and really no reason to have been recorded, except to make someone some money.

Which it seems unlikely to do. After two minutes and 41 seconds, this track already seems achingly long, with its ceaselessly repeated 'DTA - I don't need your reasons.' Frankly, we don't need this single. Sounding more like the typical James Blunt/John Mayer pop we get ever-so-often these days, 'trip-hop' should any day now file a libel suit with the next person to fit Joe Matson under their umbrella.