Rapid Fiction - Under The Pulse

Alex Worsnip 00/00/0000

Rating: 2/5

Rapid Fiction's first demo was a decent enough example of the current 80s-obsessed crop. The second is pretty much more of the same, but as this fad starts to get boring, it feels as though by the time Rapid Fiction get signed and release a record, they might well have missed the party. Shame, because if they had some decent production, they'd be better than some of the bands doing it at the moment, sounding darker with tortured, admittedly very Ian Curtis, vocals. This demo contains three more reasonable songs, the best of which is lead track 'Leave
Them All Behind', all angular rhythms, cutting guitars and icy synths. Second track 'Phone' plays up the Kraftwerk influence, but their attempt to do a slower, more balladic song with 'Sheet Music' is not altogether successful. Nevertheless, it's good that their looking to branch out, as at the moment they sound too derivative and too similar to a whole wave of other bands, who themselves will be fading from fashion in not too long, to break into the market. To make one derivative demo is unfortunate, to make two looks like carelessness. Time for a new tack, perhaps.