The Morenas - Dance For Your Dictator EP

Clark Summers 05/06/2006

Rating: 2/5

How to deconstruct a press release a handy cut out and keep guide…

“Finally The Morenas return…” - I'm sorry I never realised they'd gone away, they could have left a note the inconsiderate scamps!

“Hello put down that Killers album and listen to this!” - Are you guys spying on me? If so you need a better camera that's We Are Scientists debut album “Love and Squalor” but ok if you really do insists.

“With Paolo Morena's powerful vocals, stage rock bassist Tim Jackson and Steve Wilson on drums… their E.P. bursts through your speakers like a rollercoaster”.

Well you could have warned me, the spare room's trashed now and what's a “stage rock bassist” when he's at home.

To summarise this is vaguely hummable pop-rock of the variety McFly knock out for fun on their lunch break.