Placebo - The Never Ending Why

Nick Lewis 06/09/2009

Rating: 2/5

Have you heard Placebo? I'm sure you have. Pretty much everyone has heard Placebo. Have you heard them lately? On the evidence of this track the guitars are chunkier, the harmonies are fuller and sometimes there's a trumpet; other than that, it's pretty much business as usual for Molko et al.

What the new chunkiness does mean though is that we will probably be seeing stadiums packed full of troubled teenagers united as one, punching their fists in the air in a collective expression of their angst as Molko whines out such execrable rhymes as “the tremor turns to quake / there's a body in the lake” and something or other about tumours; whereas previously they would have been confined the now-defunct Astoria or some such.

If you like Placebo you'll probably like this, otherwise it's just angsty rubbish given a stadium for its stage.

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