Pixie Lott - Gravity

Paul Cook 17/02/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

It's about time we reviewed a bit of good ol' mainstream pop. None better than Pixie Lott, whose four singles from debut album Turn It Up have peppered the charts of the last 12 months. It goes without saying that pop is an oft forgotten genre amongst critics, perhaps some seeing it as of less importance (given that it's already popular) but much of Victoria Lott's material is really rather good.

I'll admit at first I discarded Pixie as 'just another female pop artist' but when you think about it, Britain has rather few. After getting the album for my dear old mum for Christmas I had a listen and quickly made a copy for my own pleasure. Lady Gaga and Beyonce dominate our charts and it's about time a British female pop act was acknowledged amongst them.

Despite a disappointing empty-handed departure from this years BRIT Awards, Pixie Lott's new single Gravity, arguably her strongest release to date from album Turn It Up remains a solid solo effort from a British female artist. Whilst Florence and the Machine has experienced some considerable success in the past twelve months, Pixie isn't far behind vying for the spot of top female pop act in the UK.

Gravity displays vocal power, some fantastic songwriting and a video where eye-catching is an understatement. The chorus line is as catchy as any on the album and the single on the whole suggests Pixie will be a long-lasting pop act.