Lady Sovereign - Public Warning

Paul Cook 14/02/2007

Rating: 1/5

All chav jokes aside, and there's a lot of them, Lady Sovereign seems to have made an album without any vocal or musical talent. A more fitting title for the album would have been 'The rants and raves of a teenage chav' by Lady Sovereign. The actually title is fitting in one respect; Warning, do not under any circumstances buy this album.

Released over three months ago in the U.S the album has failed to sell more than 60,000 copies and the artist's best chart position was with her Ordinary Boys collaborations. Despite this her Love Me or Hate Me single due for release on the 27th January is the first video by a British artist to reach #1 on TRL. Despite this however, the song is appalling. As are the other tracks on the album. She explains she doesn't have looks, she can't sing, and can't dance, so love her or hate her. It's clear from album sales which most people think.