Paper Cuts - Born On A Slippery Slope/Stand Up Be Counted (Kids)

Clark Summers 05/12/2005

Rating: 3/5

Bored of Brandon and The Bravery? Well West London lads “Paper Cuts” certainly aren't if their new double A-side single is any indication of their musical predilections. About as exciting as an F.A. Cup thriller between Darlington and Bury - “Born On A Slippery Slope” is definitely looking to hitch a ride on an already full (not to mention departing) bandwagon. It's a passable enough slice of beefed up indie rock but it's hard to envision it troubling the singles chart which is clearly where Paper Cuts are focussed on heading. Marginally better is “Stand Up Be Counted” which makes a bee line for the lucrative electro-rock niche market.