Eugene & The Lizards - Bug Juice

Tiffany Daniels 19/04/2010

Rating: 5/5

Eugene & The Lizards are 24 year-old Eugene McGuinness and his backing band consisting of brother Dominic McGuinness, Malcolm Lunan and John Barrett. The singer-songwriter previously recorded under his own name, but if you were one of the few to dare broach the Liverpool music scene several years ago you may know him as the frontman of Karmen Vega.

I mention this not because I scour the Internet looking for a chance to display my disturbingly detailed knowledge of Mr McGuinness' past, but because the reference is relevant. E&TL relate more to Eugene's debut band than they do his solo project - something his more recent fans may not be prepared for. Gone are the twee acoustics and witty poeticisms, back are the flamboyant shrills and whoops: single 'Bug Juice' holds lyrics that are nearly inaudible due to the many colloquialisms and characteristically unrestrained vocals, and b-side 'I Want Action' borders on insane. It sounds like the frontman has been out all night and decided to walk home, ecstatic in his inebriation, in the blaring sunshine.

This is exactly what was missing from Eugene's solo venture - a bold dash at originality. The Lizards aren't here to conform and we should all be thankful for it. Long live this perverse leap at sound.

Release Date: Out Now