North Atlantic Oscillation - Callsigns EP

Richard Wink 20/02/2010

Rating: 3/5

The response to an EP release often dictates whether or not a band will garner enough attention and momentum in the build up to their next significant single or album release. It creates a sustainable buzz, and therefore is still an important aspect of a band 'breaking' beyond the blogosphere. Therefore tossing in a cover song on an EP is a risky move; for one thing if that cover song completely trumps all of your original material then you could be onto a downer.

NAO's version of 'I Only Have Eyes For You' indeed usurps all of the other songs featured on this EP, mainly because the song is such a classic that even if it was recorded by Joe Pasquale after he had breathed in a copious amount of helium, it would still be listenable. In fact for covering the song I am going to award NAO an obligatory three stars.

'Cell Count' swoops in with a heavy synth propelled rhythm, with curt melodies reminiscent of some of the more dreamy provocateurs of indie rock and roll- the likes of Flaming Lips and Grandaddy. 'Ceiling Poem' is a softer, marshmallow-like track that cries into the two pillows that act as earphones for an extremely distressed and lonely individual on Valentine's Day. The remix of '77 Hours' is ice you brush off your box of fish fingers, melting quickly from your memory.

I yawn thirteen times during these three tracks; the music goes straight through me like uncooked prawns might. Therefore I reckon North Atlantic Oscillation should channel their inner Mark Ronson and release an album that consists solely of cover songs.