Protest The Hero - Heretics And Killers

Dan Round 05/11/2006

Rating: 2/5

Imagine Bullet For My Valentine; take away the professional musicians and add high school mess arounds with faux-intellect lyrics and you get Protest The Hero. Heretics And Killers, from the album Kezia, is a pompous slice of mock-heroic shock metal from a band that lacks a sense of identity or belonging. Not awful, the song grinds along taking segments of every trick in the metal rulebook, with no real spice or originality. Like a watered down Slayer, Protest The Hero could fit well into the brand of conformist nu-metal bands (e.g. Trivium, or the marginally better Avenge Sevenfold) who will be loved by some Americanised teens and largely marginalised by the rest. Despite a decent enough solo, there's nothing new or indeed challenging here.

Release date: 13/11/06