Frankmusik - 3 little words

Ash Akhtar 12/11/2008

Rating: 4/5

I should hate this. I'm not a fan of '80s pop music, which is pretty much what this 22-year old's music sounds like. Comparisons to Mika are inevitable, but he's far better than that falsetto-loving ball of hair.

Title track '3 little words' is an explosive slice of electro-pop complete with camp vocal glitches. Imagine A-ha working with Axel F on the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop II and you're on the way there. It's a superb song and catchier than the common cold. Better off as two features some grand, pumping disco-synth work with a lovely chord progression.

As if to prove that his talent's not all down to computer work, there is also a glossy piano reworking of 3 little words to close this EP; a record which also includes the down-tempo 'Run away from trouble' - which could've been on the Days of Thunder soundtrack. You get the idea…

Release date: 10/11/08

Watch the video here.