Rookiecop - Save Me

Owain Paciuszko 30/03/2009

Rating: 4/5

There's a nice rich sound to this three track EP from Rookiecop, its orchestral infused ambient opening track Can't See The Soul uses earnest, life-affirming samples and a tabla sounding drum-beat over a heavier beat in a similar fashion to One Giant Leap. It's a warm, cinematic sounding track and it's no surprise to see that among Rookiecop's credits is work composing for film. This EP has had a limited run of 100 that includes a video to Can't See The Soul directed by Ed Christmas, and though the video is a very simple (yet cleverly edited) journey of a man travelling across London the music really makes the images come to life.

We Cannot Function has a faster pace and a combination of synths and hi-hats similar to Orbital, and the sounds of seagulls and the laidback bassline juxtapose against the speedy drum-line nicely. This track has the feel of a journey down to a summer festival with friends, it's full of optimism and anticipation.

The final, and title, track includes random female vocals either oooing or saying 'Funky' and 'Get It On', which when written down seems rather silly, but it manages to work in the track and comes across akin to a remix of a Morcheeba track. It's another lively, upbeat song and a fine close to this accomplished EP.

cant see the soul