Robots Talk In Twos - Demo

Liam McGrady 00/00/0000

Rating: 3/5

The intro to 'City Of Dreadful Joy' doesn't so much as sweep you off your feet; more like it takes a sod off plank of wood to the back of your legs and drags you away with your head bouncing off the ground. A galloping guitar riff so powerful that it should be measured in Brake Horsepower, sets the track off with such momentum that it's impossible to resist; any effort against being sucked into the rampant progressive Rock is futile. And then when the band drop a gear into a Mars Volta-esque, eerie breakdown, finally erupting to a mass of frenetic, melodic noise, well… it's beautiful; in an ugly, brutish sort of way. Second track 'Roman Remains' is a shorter proposition, but all the more potent for it. Vocalist Marcus Warner sings like he's got blood tainted with anger and passion rushing to the head, while Tim Day, David James, Jase Davies and Antony Clark flail and batter drums, pummel basses and expertly abuse guitars, creating a massive ATD-I/Oceansize type, whirlwind of sound. Exhilarating sums this band up best.