Chapel Club - O Maybe I

Richard Wink 26/01/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

I quite like this, uncomplicated indie pop with a grey slant. Chapel Club are certainly pricking up many ears, including that of Kiwi motormouth Zane Lowe, the kind of man who you would least likely want to be trapped in a lift with. So much so that you would prize the doors open until your fingers bled and then willingly leap several storeys down just to get away from his relentless gob.

The band's last single 'Surfacing' kinda had that White Lies forward slash Editors vibe about it, but thankfully 'O Maybe I' seems to be bit more substantial - from the more laidback bassline, and the docile, almost laconic vocal that is garnished by the flickering dwell of theshoegaze-y guitars. Vocalist Lewis Bowman seems to channel his inner Morrissey fan boy, sounding distracted and seemingly above the humdrum riff raff.

With anticipation steadily building for these guys it will be interesting to hear their forthcoming debut, and find out whether or not they emerge as more then just a bunch of mopey sad sacks who have pilfered the back catalogues of The Cure, Joy Division, The Smiths, Jesus and the Mary Chain et al.