We Stole Cairo - Aeon

Owain Paciuszko 16/06/2009

Rating: 4/5

'No I don't want to see a ghost!' hollers Cameron Stewart over the opening rock riffage of Bail Out, things take a post-rock swing with the verse that turns into a good ol' build up before returning to the hollering. It's an ear-grabbing start to this EP, with a sound at times Placebo-ish and with aspects of the 80s underground and experimentalism in the 65daysofstatic vein.

Mirada has a fast, stammering intro riff like the Blade Runner score at the wrong speed, collapsing into ominous rolling drums and scuzzy bass, augmented by Cameron's squawky vocals and bitter lyrics. The title-track juxtaposes atmospheric synths with 70's car chase hi-hat, Cameron's lyrics are optimistic and simple and almost apocalyptic 'As the world keeps on turning the livers keep on living.' It flirts with the sneery vibe of twee but blurs it into a guitar sound similar to Magazine.

10.24 has a rhythm similar to many a single spurred on by the success of Bloc Party, and is a good tune, but the most obvious of this collection. Final track Release has a slower, epic feel as Cameron wonders 'Where's my escape?' (at times sounding like Eddie Argos from Art Brut) in amongst anthemic despairing backing vocals. It's a dynamic and strong finish to this generally impressive record.