Biffy Clyro - Who's Got A Match?

James McDonald 07/02/2008

Rating: 2/5

If I were writing for certain other publications, I would be using one-liners like 'Out-and-out shanty go pop!' and, 'a ragged piece of pop glory' to epitomize all 2 minutes 26 seconds of Biffy Clyro's 6th single from their titan number 2 album, 'Puzzle'. Fortunately, I'm with God is in the TV, and consequently have no qualms with telling you exactly what this song is - 146 seconds of marketing that'd make apple reach for their notebooks.

A rigid and presumable verse/chours repetition sounds tired and overall largely ineffective to the listener. That said, I guess I was always going to be sinister as the day finally arrived when Biffy decided to employ somber synth sounds to their work. Ouch. Arson-enthused they may be, the song does little to evoke an anarchic response, despite employing a thumping drum rhythm at its core and cloaking it in mischievous guitar notes.

Question marks should undoubtedly be raised as to the decision to release WGAM as a single - it would appear to be more influenced by the label than the band themselves. The kind of song that'll soon be gracing every indie bar from Hoxton to Hounslow, and most of the UK in between.

Not to be taken negatively, the kind of attention the Scots are receiving now is, in truth, the kind of attention they should've been receiving over the last four years. But when a sizable proportion of their fan based are buying the singles purely for the b-sides, (which, on the CD release is an acoustic cover of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' no-less?) surely our eyes are closed. More evidence to add to growing unrest in the support, adding to the cry, bring on the new album.