Spinnerette - Baptized By Fire

Nick Lewis 25/07/2009

Rating: 4/5

Ultra-compressed indie dance floor filler with a singer that sounds like Chrissie Hynde and Siouxsie Soux and turns out to be ex-Distiller Brody Dalle. It's pumping, anthemic, derivative and above all brilliant. The chorus has that Bloc Party synth sound, it's crammed full of distant vocal hooks that I'm sure are ripped off from somewhere but can't quite put my finger on it, and the structure is about as standard as it gets. The guitar is steady and on the beat, there's a big tom hit every bar and the lyrics are incomprehensible but anthemically poetic. It's a lot like the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album in its punk/dance mix. All in all, it's designed for nothing more than to get the skinny-jeaned, neon sunglasses, gold leggings brigade out for a bit of a booty-shake.

It's shallow, unoriginal and I just can't recommend it enough.

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