Suzerain - What Happened?

Richard Wink 30/05/2010

Rating: 1/5

It's been quite interesting watching I'm In A Rock 'N' Roll Band on the BBC; it appears that the archetypal band setup is dead. Charismatic front-people don't exist; lead guitarists are afraid to wig out and drummers hit the kit with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Lo-fi deadpan groups such as The XX and Las Robertas (thanks Hipster Runoff!) are the 'in thing'. Rockers all over the world are asking - What Happened?

Suzerain doesn't really offer much explanation. Mainly because they are cut from the came cloth as Primark jeans - generic and lacking any substance. They fit into that dirty crevice between main stage and the pub circuit. 'What Happened?' is energetic and finely produced, however I'm left with a distinct feeling of apathy after listening to the single. The chorus isn't memorable, not once do you feel the urge to get up and dance or rock out.

B-Side 'Leave it There' took me into a dark nightmarish world. One where I'm getting pulled left and right, with Ed Miliband pulling one arm, his brother David pulling the other; both attempt to drag me into their respective chambers….. Where was I? Yes, the end of this review where I proclaim that Suzerain are Blairite post-Bloc Party rockers who belong in the early noughties landfill dump.

Releade Date: 31/05/2010