Smudge - Where I Go At Night

Miss Fliss 13/05/2009

Rating: 0.5/5

Ah. This is not the Smudge I was anticipating - i.e. the Australian indie pop act of yore. Um, it's Fall Out Boy -cum-Lost Prophets half-baked metal/kiddie punk. The hands-in-the-air moshpit choruses, the clunking great bass, and rock slash riffs, all require shaving about 15 years off my life, getting some tattoos in Camden, and sporting neon bangles and ill-advised facial piercing. I can't work out if this Smudge are Americans trying to be a bit cheeky Cockney (e.g. shouting things like: 'Wha'ever!' mid-song) , or Brits trying to Yank up the pudding for the MTV market*. Either way, this has the naff sniff of paint-by-numbers teenage 'anarchy' and I'm running away fast.

*Oh, hang on, just found the press release, and it turns out the band actually hail from… wait for it… Wigan.