Panda & Angel - Crooked Rain

Dominic Valvona 03/02/2011

Rating: 3.5/5

Released back in October of last year - I know, it's taken a while to filter through to your reviewer - Panda & Angel's meandering catchy single, manages to surprise, with its switch from heavy laden broody rock, to diaphanous melodies and lyrics.

Opening as a cathartic rocking Howling Bells or early Low, before changing tact and gliding through the melodic inventiveness of Archetecture In Helsinki, as fronted by a serene Annie Lennox; Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain betrays all the signs of melancholic heart-aching anthem.

Companion piece, The End Is Not So, brings to mind The Broken Social Scene, or even Fanfarlo, as the child-like marching band and xylophone led jaunt playfully ambles along until launching into a gravitas building crescendo of bit-crushing drums.

Conceived in a squat, the bands rhetoric proclaims their goal as, “To write songs people like”; a noble gesture, and one that they at least seem to be on the road to achieving.