Fiona Culley - Daddys Girl

Russ Essom 30/01/2007

Rating: 1/5

Fiona Culley's single Daddy's Girl starts off sounding folky, and Irish, coming out of nowhere with a collection of clichéd, nonsense lyrics involving Winnie the Pooh, and hand-holding and the like but, somehow, ends up sounding more like a nursery rhyme.

Imagine a poor version of Ashlee Simpson, and you're pretty much there, she sings like her, looks like her, dresses like her but is nowhere near as good as her.

This is the type of pop song that Mummy and her 6 year olds will love; utterly meaningless tripe. Culley's voice can't be mocked, but the song is far below any national standard; the B-side features the rhyming of “man” with “plan” and “hand”, that doesn't exactly take a genius, does it? Eurovision here she comes…

Out now.